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The Mr Flubbergump books are aimed at 0 to 5 year olds.


Published by Ardwell Publishing in February 2014
Written and Illustrated by Anthony E. Rea
Produced by Wellard Animation & Film (Isle of Man)
Launched at Waterstones, Isle of Man 29th March 2014

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A primary benefit of reading to toddlers and preschoolers is a higher aptitude for learning. Introducing reading to children at an early age helps them to view books as a 'fun thing' to do rather than a chore and encourages them to then choose to continue to read books into their later life.

The Mr Flubbergump series of children's books are aimed at 0 to 5 year olds, they are written with a rhythm that helps children memorise the story and encourages them to 'read' along. Simple and familiar words are used to help little ones build a core of known words, helping with the foundation of literacy. Bright and bold colours are used to engage and capture the readers imagination .